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 about us

A VERY BLACK ACTIVITY, a movement designed to present unique and memorable moments (always with a VERY BLACK theme), was birthed when the light bulb went off over our heads that the things that connect black people to one another were so explosive that they were magical (DUH). It’s that unwritten & unspoken understanding that we share that is so profound that it transcends financial status, gender and religion and we want to recognize it, appreciate it, and take time to delight in it! We have contributed immensely to society in ways that we don’t even always acknowledge ourselves, because we just live it every day.


 A VERY BLACK ACTIVITY is a celebration of black culture, which was organically created by black people. These activities, behaviors, experiences, trends, etc. have impacted the entire world, not just black people. AVBA is not about exclusion, it’s about inclusion. It’s about creating self-love and self-awareness in the black community. This is an experience that reminds us to revel in all the accomplishments of black people, all the creativity that grew out of the struggle and pain of black people, and all the greatness we possess and will continue to manifest. 

Black people are like LIGHTNING, we are the brightest star in the sky, we are unstoppable, and we are moving forward. AVBA is going to be a catalyst for that movement; what about you? What a time to support a black owned brand! 


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