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The In Black Girls We Trust design was inspired by my appreciation for the safe space that is black girls and even though im a woman now, I’ll always relate to the term black girl because it all started with me, the little black girl in the hood who was told to be softer when there was no place in my world for softness for real. It’s a reflection of her need to be heard and protected…and It’s inspired by my rebellion against anybody or anything that tells black womens to deny the things about ourselves that make us different. It’s my acknowledgment that I was raised by a village of black women and so now as a grownup black girl, I feel safest in spaces with other black girls. So when you’re able to read the energy that can’t lie even if it wanted to, and you can be real, and vulnerable, and be yourself and let your hair down - and you just know you found a sister from your tribe. Listen if you know you know…THAT’S it, that’s In Black Girls We Trust! I hope you feel that and love this design as much as I do.

In Black Girls We Trust - Natural Tee

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